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 My wife is an escort

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PostSubject: My wife is an escort   Tue Apr 14, 2009 3:13 pm


My wife is working in escort on weekends (in another days she working in company).
Now I have to say, that our love has become deeper and better, when she has another men on weekends.
It sounds exciting, when she returns home and tells me about her experiences and then we start to make love.
Nice to see her happy and satisfied woman.
My wife let me know, that variety is the spice of life and she feels to become hot, when go to bed with another man and knows me to know it.

Sometimes it´s very difficult to understand woman´s way to think. Anyway, to my mind it will be the best way let her continue as an escort, because that job keeps her in good feeling and happy.

i would like to be also escort and maybe in the future i will do it. its not that for me is not inaf sex- i want that my wife will be happie, i also need to get experience
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My wife is an escort
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